Atom Installer

Update: This copr has been deprecated in favor of refer

tldr; tricky/hacky way of installing atom and updating it automatically with system updates

Hi Guys,

One thing that I miss about using Ubuntu is PPA’s there are lot’s of PPA in Ubuntu and you can hack around and install all types of software which are required for your usage.

In the Fedora side of the world there are copr repos but they don’t have as many repos as in Ubuntu and you can’t build non-free software (don’t get me wrong here, I love FREEdom software but couldn’t resist not using some beautiful non-free applications such as Sublime). I am creating a work around for this by using shell scripts which are open source (cc0) but when those scripts are executed they install non-free software on your system.

For the first step I have created a simple script for atom and packaged the script on copr

Enable the copr repo and install atom-installer

sudo dnf copr enable dhanvi/atom-installer

sudo dnf install atom-installer

Troubleshooting: Give it some time depending on your bandwidth as it need to download the atom rpm in the background and install it. If you still can’t see atom in after say like 30min or 1hour just run the below command once and it should be installed



Removing Atom and my repo:

sudo dnf remove atom atom-installer

sudo dnf copr disable dhanvi/atom-installer


This is just a workaround for the non-avaliablility of the atom in official repos of fedora and is not exactly the best way of installing atom, but it works fine for now!

I will update the repo and also add the spec file! My next targets are Sublime and Oracle java.


4 thoughts on “Atom Installer

  1. Nice work. I would like to also point out a typo in Removing your repo command. I guess it should have been “sudo dnf copr disable dhanvi/atom-installer” and not “sudo dnf copr disable dhanv/atom-installer”


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