GSoC Mid Term Evaluation

tldr; I have failed the midterm evaluation of GSoC but I am continuing to complete the project

I am sorry to let you guys know that I have failed the midterm evaluation, I have reached my goals but I should have been ahead and doing more! It was my mistake I should have done more work! and obviously didn’t communicate well but IMHO it shouldn’t have made me fail as I have done at-least some good work (I thought of contacting the google member but had put the idea down because there is mistake on my side!)

Here is the review for my project given by mentor zach to me.

Tummala, it has been recommend that you fail at the midterm because of your lack of communication with myself as your mentor and the rest of the community. When we started this I gave you a list of requirements and goals, you did not follow thru on the requirements even after we talked about it several times, while you managed to meet the goals of the first half, you wasted a lot of time and should be much further along. We talked during the bonding phase and I explained to you that packaging the source code required was your minimum goal, but that it was only the goal to make sure you got up to speed and did not have any issues with this complex part of the process. From your reports to me, and your communication with others it is clear that you spent very little time working over the first half and had you applied yourself you should have been able to make much more progress. In order to be a successful member of an open source community you need to learn and appreciate the importance of communication with the wider community. You lack of communication left many people questioning what you did during this period, and had you communicated better with myself and others we could have identified issues and helped you to stay engaged. I appreciate the work you have done, and have enjoyed working with you. Please do not let this deter you from continuing to engage in open source communities including Fedora, but as you do keep in mind how important open communication is to the success of a project.

As zach mentioned I am talking this as a learning process and am continuing the project.

I could take this one as the example of “FAIL FAST, FAIL OFTEN” it’s better that I have failed as a student and can learn a lot from my mistakes, than failing at my first job or not doing anything!

But I will continue to work on the project.



2 thoughts on “GSoC Mid Term Evaluation

  1. I may loose the project but I didn’t loose the experience, and I am still contributing to the project and trying to complete it!


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