GSoC Week 2 Update

From the last week you might have seen me working on the packaging and the end of the week I came to know that you can directly build the ruby gems in copr but it didn’t have a feature to upload the rubygems so created a ticket for the same but it was closed saying to upload the srpms generated from using the gem2rpm, which was the same process I was doing, even though it looks like my packaging was waste of time but, it isn’t was as I take responsibilty as the packager and there are always few things that the gem2rpm couldn’t do manually

I have submitted the review request and it’s still awaiting the review and now I moved on my second part of the project.

Later I was looking at build bot and jenkins for the next part of the project, and was thinking of first doing the setup on GitHub any then change it to pagure as the CI is still under construction in pagure.

I have also spent some time on packaging my package cross platform using the opensure build but that also didn’t go well and stopped working on it as my mentor mentioned that It wasn’t our priority.

I just started with the cloning of the second package to be cloned and will be packaging it in the next week.

That’s all for the week (I should also confess the second part of the working with build bot didn’t go well at all and was mostly unproductive.)



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