GSoC Week 1 Update

This the first week of my GSoC and I am very excited to do the project and  with lots of energy, hope it lasts till the end of the project.

As the part of my first part of the project I have started working on packaging the

First looking at the code I tried installing it by using the –pre flag but didn’t work so I found out that it wasn’t my issue but the asciidoctor team didn’t publish the gem, so thought of creating a issue but postponed it to later (update: I have created the issue at so I have to build the ruby gem my self, after reading a lot of manuals I have came to know that it’s as simple as doing ruby build name.gemspec (I was afraid that I have to create a lot of work to do, but later came to know that it was all ready).

The manual that I refered to create the rpm is and I have also built a hello package in the copr ( using this tutorial (

Later I got a idea that it would be better if there is a automatic tool to create the rpm spec file as we had in the debian world, then came to know about the gem2rpm and gave it a shot with the gem I build manually and it worked mostly fine.

Later after talking with my mentor zach and reading the manual, I build the srpms and tested them on copr, I tried doing the same on local using mock, but had a lot of learning curve to it so postponed it to later.

Even thought it looked a easy thing to do but it took me more than a week to figure out how to do it.

Update: I found that the ruby gems are automatically build using gem2rpm here but it doesn’t much help me as the gem I am working on doesn’t exist on the website



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