GSoC 2016

tl;dr I have got selected for GSoC 2016 with Fedora and I will be working with the Fedora Docs team this summer.

Getting GSoC (Google Summer of Code) is one of my biggest dream, because of which I have sacrificed (or I was made to sacrifice sorry sir!) some other thing which are very important. And from then on I decided that I choose what to do; well I may be able to do everything but what’s wrong in dreaming big. If you have followed my blog regularly (which I doubt any one will ), you might have found my old blog post saying GSoC is my target (well I did that thinking that saying out your goals loud helps you to achieve the goal but I deleted the post before applying for GSoC thinking that it might give my mentor a bad impression!)

I was very happy that I got GSoC that I bunked classes and traveled to home to share it as a surprise to my parents, but my sister told to my mother in advance 😦 but she didn’t know what GSoC is! spend a few days at my home and went back to my school since I have exams to write. And FOSS@Amrita got more selections than before

For my friends who didn’t get through, I felt sorry for you guys and there is always a next year!

Looking forward for this summer.

Pic is taken from it’s a combination of project atomic GSoC and Fedora


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