Firefox Student Ambassador – My first Steps

I am recently been contributing to Mozilla recently, I am loving ❤ it very much 😀 I have even fixed few bugs 🙂 Here is my profile in our FOSS club you can see few bug reports as my previous contributions but I have fixed my first bug in Mozilla only (it’s very simple what I need to do is that just change the file to the one given by them and send a patch to them)

Here is my Bugzilla profile of Mozilla (you need to have account to view my bugzilla profile) and the list of bugs fixed by me are

Enough of the Introduction, the main reason that I am writing this blog is that this is the easiest way to become a trainee level is to write a blog post (other than coding the thing that I love is writing, hacking comes the first 😛 )

First of all I am proud to be a Firefox Student Ambassador I got a sticker from Trishul <trishul.goel at> at HackIndia and it took a good place on my laptop too 🙂 and Trishul would have helped me if I have the stable internet connection on that day, but any way I am a Mozilla Contributor now and Firefox Student Ambassador too 🙂


Activities that I have done till now are very less because we don’t have Firefox club in our collage but we have a cool FOSS club which helps students to contribute to FREEdom software by coding, what I have done till now are install Firefox in my friends systems that doesn’t have it installed and made it as the default browser also update few to the latest version who are running previous versions of Firefox. Also attended the August Office hour too as it is required to become a Trainee

I plan to start a Firefox club in our collage and do more activities and fun events 😀 let’s see how it goes well 🙂 and I plan to become a junior level by the December and crush (fix) a lot of bugs too


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