I also know about this event in the mailing list and I helped with the registration a little Tony was taking names of whom ever he can find in the college of CSE department 😛 and science I didn’t took any responsibility this time I asked Harish if he needs any help and he asked me to help with installing QT in the lab systems which is quiet very easy (as simple as ./filename)  and Vipin sir didn’t like me deviating from what I am doing!

This time no issues and every one were able to attend the event so around 100 registrations and many of my friends also registered for the event

The conference started with lighting of lamp and Bala sir and others welcoming the KDE India team and keynote was by Noufal Ibrahim and it wasn’t boring he mentioned about re-usable software (basically how to use pipe in terminal 😛 )

Then there were session about various KDE software and the one I liked most was Krita the video about it was awesome and looks like a real painting! and there was some introduction to QT and QML which is similar to C++ and some other sessions, slides can be found here

Evening there was a hand’s on session on QT and I found it cool and easy and I was shocked about it’s cross platform it works on Windows/MAC/Linux even on Android! and tried few basics of it and made some new friends too!

Next day the session continued and some were interesting!

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