66th Republic day

Hi guys

I am blogging after a long time also I have written about my personal after a long time and these days I have been stopped blogging at all and also it seems like I have stopped writing at all but I like writing a lot, I have not writing these days as I was busy in doing other things (or as I feel so) but as you, There should be always time for the things you like or, There will be always priorities

And now coming to the topic of the blog our 66th republic day, I would like to share how I spent this day.

First of all I would like to say that I used to be lazy all the times and never used to attend the important days such as Republic day and Independence day. But I was always ashamed of it. As it is my basic duty to perform as an Indian. So I thought that I should not miss this one. So I started preparing to get up early ๐Ÿ˜› I asked my friends to try to wake me up. But they all know that I will not get up early as usual :D. BTW this was the reason that I missed all the important days before. I used to get up very lately and I used to miss the flag hoisting and the speeches. As I am basically an night owl (google it if you have no Idea what it is also I have also googled for that one before).

Fortunately I have been woken up by my friend(boppi) at around 8 in the morning, so I thanked God as I will be able to attend the Republic day (as the flag hoisting at our collage will start around about 9.15 AM) and the first thing that I thought that I should have some thing to eat tiffin as I need to take the tablets for the sinus, so I went and ate two idlys with chutny ๐Ÿ˜› Also I ate tiffing very slowly by chitchatting with all my friends.

Also I didn’t have a white shirt to wear for the independence day so I took it form a friend of mine (rd) and did go for bathing, I have done bathing as soon as possible as I need to join my friends who have done bathing and were just chitchatting so that they could join other people with them also I have asked other people to come to the Republic day event but they were not interested as they were watching cricket match, but the match didn’t start as there was rain ๐Ÿ˜€

By the time I was ready and out of my room most of my batch mates left for the event and few of them were behind them and I joined them soon. As we reached our college building the arrangements were done such as mike set and flag ready to hoist and as usual Amma’s photo, then some of my friends thought that It would have been better If it was some other freedom fighter’s photo instead of Amma’s photo, it’s up to their wish, also when we reached there most of them are andhra guys (by andhra I mean telugu guys don’t get me wrong with telangana and andhra states :P) and a few north Indian students also of them were just chitchatting with each other. \

Then we all sat on the side walk and were just talking with some andhra students who were doing their phd. Then some of our seniors came to us and said that the event will be going very simple manner, first flag hoisting and then speech by our principle sir and then speech by a student and some sweets (here sweets means melody chocolates). So after a few minutes we were asked to come to the hoisting position and we formed a very bad lines standing one after the other as I have stopped standing in lines for assembly after my 9th grade as we need not go the assembly in the morning afterwards. I saw few faculty there. And as we stood in lines KP (krishna prasad sir cultural faculty of mine) stood behind me and was wondering who was I and so on.As usual our event started with prayer of Amma’s and lighting lamp. After the prayer the physical education teacher (PET) in a loud voice said Attention( the command used to say that people should stand in a good position) ย I felt very good about it as I was doing such a thing after a long time. So soon the ย flag was hoisted and we are command by the PET flag salute and I felt very good about doing this thing after a long time, respecting our country and showing our patriotism, I think my friends also had the same feeling ๐Ÿ™‚ and the national anthem as-usual (I have sung our national song after a long time like four years or so ๐Ÿ˜ฆ which is not so great to mention here.

As usual sticking to the schedule there was a speech by our principal sir and his talk was not too lengthy or too short, he was talking about various things such as make in India and the nuclear treaty with USA and so on ( different than what I expected what I expected was that he will say about the freedom fighters and so on), I didn’t feel bored with his speech. And later a speech by our senior which is very short and sweet, which summarizes into saying that youth is the backbone of India and we should be working hard to make the country developed.

So this end our Republic day celebration within just half an hour of time. So it’s time for our sweets (melody chocolates :P) I took only 2 so that there will be enough for others ๐Ÿ˜› Then I saw a girl of our class (amrita) and felt good that atleast she came and saw a few malayies who were staying in the hostel without going home.

So all of our friends returned hostel or to their works some of them went for the preperation for the ugadi festival celebrated by our andhra students in the college. Me ravinder and jujju went to heading to biotech canteen from our collage main gate, they were heading to biotech canteen and I was heading to tbi (my lab) also I took a choclate form jujju ๐Ÿ˜›

I did some work in the lab and thought of starting the assembly which is done in the last summer so that it will increase my confidence I should thing more about it later. Afternoon I and sai ram thought of going to biotech canteen for having food but since we didn’t have money in our hand for having food we went to the near by atm but we didn’t the money at that time and there I met a foreigner who is from Spain he was also serching for atm (with money)(later I found from ragava that the atm that we visited before was working fine) and we finally found some money in atm which was in vallikav center and we decided to eat some egg puff at the uncle shop instead of going to biotech and I ate chocolate icecream even though I was suffering from sinus ๐Ÿ˜›

After we returned to the lab and then took the movies in the pen-drive to screen them to juniors, took a CIR(I forgot the full form but it’s something to related to training for jobs update I got it now corporate and industrial relations) and thought of playing patas movies since the clarity of the movie was very bad so we played the raguvaran btech ( VIP in tamil vela illa pattadari) there was a strength of around 10 people in the starting but soon the juniors reduced to only 3 in the ending I was busy watching movie ( I was watching the movie for the 4th time) I thought that they were going out to talk phone, but in the end there were only 3 people left out ( I will make sure that this thing won’t be that uninteresting next time or we will stick to technical programs) any way It was failure after returning to the lab back now.

I don’t remember what exactly I have done in the lab after, I am sure that writing this blog took me a hell lot of time and I am sure that this is longest post written by me with around 1500 words. I thing this post may not be that interesting to you guys but I am sure that I will improve my blogging skills inside me and my next post will be more interesting than this. Also I need to blog a lot faster as post took me a hell lot of time.

See you guys in my next post. Also I will insert pics of this event If I found any in our website or tiss.amrita.edu


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