Eight Cats Hid The Flag ECTF 2014 Recon 100 writeup

Screenshot from 2014-10-23 16:23:48

From the question and the clue given we can surely say that the flag is in one of the github of the admin’s.

First I have got the idea of downloading all the files and grep them for the flag (this method did not work because the flag was deleted, so you can’t find the flag in any of the repositories )

I tried manually checking all the commits of the admin’s but I didn’t succeeded bcoz the commit was very old like a month old, I didn’t go that deeper into the commits 😦

here is link of the commit in which the flag was deleted https://github.com/karthiksenthil/Learn-Git/commit/9cd4ecad6f7c545ef5ac31622d503de811191d7b



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