Debutsav 2014 – My experience

I was well aware that there will a MiniDebConf conducted in our college through our internal mailing list It was also mentioned that name was changed from MiniDebConf to Debutsav as this conference was not only about Debian but other FOSS projects in general, here is the website, but I got involved in conference when our seniors are looking for volunteers in the last minute and meeting was going on in TBI and I was working on some CTF or something related so I to joined them and I was given the work of accommodation of the delegate along with Surya chechi so no work at that moment but there will be full of work on the starting day of the conference and just before it.

We got very few rooms and rooms were in the 5-th floor without lift you can understand how difficult it might be to the people who attend! I and Joyce made sure that there were mats and pillows there so that the attendees won’t have any problem 🙂

But we had a internal issue in the campus regarding the mess food and the campus need to be closed (I agree that the mess food is not tasty but I have seen the cooking of the mess food it’s very hygienic) so our college is closed and all students were asked to leave the campus immediately! so most of the registrants can’t attend the conference dam!

So on the morning of 17th October morning all I need to do was to show the participants to show the rooms and talked with them very well. One of them was from Amrita Coimbatore and others were here because their professor asked them and some others from Bangalore.

And the conference started with a keynote from Krishnakant Mane he is a awesome guy he inspired a lot from his speech one thing I remember from his speech is

“We need a brain to Code not eyes”

when some one asked about his differently-abled


Also Harish talked on the stage 😀


And the session were started and few of them were about localization by sirish and ScrollBack by Priyanka Nag and by Praveen 

Also there was also few sessions taken by our seniors, one of them was about zsh by Athira Lekshmi chechi and she told me that my article was very helpful to her 🙂 and I felt very happy 😀 . I couldn’t attend everything as I was showing people who were late to the conference their rooms. I also got cool T-shirt of the event!

There were also some hand’s on workshop in the night about installing Diaspora I didn’t stay much longer as I was feeling tired and headache but the hackthon went well and found later that Akshay got the thing working and got the T-shirt, I should also have tried.

Next also the conference went on but I didn’t attend it and continued with my work (CTF’s)  more hand’s on in the night and it ended with Bujiji give the speakers Ammas books and a group photo and I was missing in it as usual!


After the conference ended Bithin etta took back all the mats and returned them, I felt bad as it was my work to do and he did it on his own, I wish he should have called me then I would have done my job for sure! any way thanks etta.


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