Paripilly orphanage Visit – My experience

I came to know about this one as usual in the mailing list and it was being planned by Sreedevi chechi, there was also a reply to email by Sakshi Bansal chechi saying that it was very good experience but I wasn’t much interested because I thought it wasn’t technical and thought I would rather spend my time working in the lab! but I changed my decision when Sreedevi chechi came to our class and asked me if I was coming and asked about other people from the TBI and told me to come saying that it will be good so I changed my decision and thought of attending it!

After having breakfast on the day I was waiting for the bus to arrive along with my friends and all the seniors and they brought football other items to play with the kids. I was with Sairam and Rakesh and make my day worst I did a clean shave and this makes me look a little awkward.The bus came and it looks a good one not like the one we got for FOSSMeet 😛 and we all danced in the bus too!

After we reaching there we had some cultural activities and looks like every one liked it, the warden was very strict but Vipin sir told me that he also likes the kids and enjoys with them 🙂 here are the pics

Every one were talking well with the kids and mingled with them very easily even me! and few of them found me funny bcoz I was looking like a comedian in some tamil movie but they didn’t tease me to much! more pics

You can say how really our seniors enjoyed from this pic 😀


Pics of Vipin sir and Mohanasundaram sir

It was food time by the events ended and here comes the food 🙂 we served them and one thing I found very good about them was that every one waited until last person get food and started every one got food and they started eating food only after doing prayer together, wow what a discipline even we can’t do such thing! More pics

And we also a team group pic 🙂 I know I look a bit different!


And after the food since the day we visited them was also Rakhi ( we explained them how to create a simple rakhi using wool and every one were happy

And next we started playing games with them, Girls played few simple games and we played football (yes you heard it right I was playing it for the first time and it did a lot of silly mistakes like touching the ball with hand! same with Sairam also) and high catches with cricket ball. Here are the photos

After the games we had a typical kerala style drums (sorry I don’t know what you guys call them!) and every one danced, I even tried the drums 🙂

And it ended with snacks break and we are done for the day and we ended the day with a Group Photo Pareppally orphanage visit

And I came to know that we were able to sponsor the kids snacks for the day with the money we put and I felt very happy about it, I wish to do something more to them! Vipin sir also told me that even though they are orphans they are studying well and even learning arts and I envy them as I didn’t really learn anything since my childhood other than my subjects and preparing for IIT! also they need to work hard as they need to manage their work by themselves (they even get up by 4 am daily dam I don’t even get up by 9am) even though Amma is taking good care of them but I found their conditions very bad and can be improved a lot! Also seniors were playing a hand twist game and simply cracked it by doing reverse of it and called my self a RE (Reverse Engineering) expert 😀 even Akshay the hacker couldn’t get it 😛 and I showed how to crack it and told him I used RE 😀

And we all reached the campus by night dropped girls at their hostel and I was kidding with Sakshi that she didn’t tie me rakhi! and she told me that she knows what’s going on in the class and she need not worry! dam! evey one thinks I am in a relationship 😦

Any way the day went very well and thanks once again to Sreedevi chechi for organizing this and I heard every one felt the same from the emails in the mailing list 🙂 well that’s for sure! and I felt I made a right choice in visiting the orphanage (I learned a lot from them)

Update: I used this visit as a contributorship project report can be found here


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