Browser shortcuts

The most thing that we use the most used application in our daily uses Remembering some shortcuts help us to increase the our browsing speed. You need not by heart them, but by regular use you become used to them. And then you will customizing the shortcuts in your browser. The browsers generally used these day’s are Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox . Fortunately both of them have almost same shortcuts and any almost any  modern browser  have the same shortcut’s. 🙂

Every second that you spend on trying to learn the shortcuts is worth because it saves a lot of time in the future when compared to the little time you spent on learning or practicing. In this blog I have given a list of shortcuts which every one uses a lot.

The first and foremost thing that we do in a browser is that to open a new tab to surf the new page. It can be done by Ctrl along with t ie Ctrl + T

  • Ctrl + T   New tab.

Once we open a new tab what is the thing that we do the most is closing the tab. This can be done by Ctrl + W

  • Ctrl + W  Close the present tab

If you are having only one tab and if you use this shortcut then the window will be closed. This can be done at any time having any number of tabs by using this shortcut.

  • Ctrl + Q  Quit the window (This does not work for chrome but for most of the browsers )

Till now what you have seen is that only how to open and close a tab in the browser. But the things that we do is usually is shift between the tabs.

This can be done by done by pressing two keys at a time that is

  • Ctrl + Tab  ( By pressing the two keys at a time we move across in the clock wise manner )
  • Ctrl + Shift + Tab   (This is same as above but it moves across in ante clock wise manner)

The above shortcut is a does not come in handy if you are have a lot of tabs then you feel to catch the mouse again 🙂 leaving behind all the shortcuts, but there is a solution for this type of scenario where you have many tabs and opened in the browser (which is a habit of mine 🙂  )

  • Alt + 1  ( Wherever you are in the browser it take you to the first tab of the browser .In my case it will be usually Gmail )
  • Alt + 2………..8 (Same as above it goes to the corresponding tab number )
  • Alt +9 (Takes us to the last tab of the browser)

This shortcuts helps you mainly to go to the first and last tabs of the browser easily but if you are good at math you can give a try from 2 to 8 numbers and the corresponding tabs 🙂

NOTE: The about shortcut works also with Ctrl in Chrome Browser. But prefer the Alt button because it might not work sometimes when it clashes with other shortcuts.

And one more shortcut which we do is refreshing the page ( ie.. reload the page).This is the simplest shortcut ever.

  • F5    (ie .. the fifth functional key).

Incase you don’t like to move your hands to the top of the keyboard then you could try this shortcut.

  • Ctrl + R    (reload the page )

And we always press the X option at the address bar if the page is loading for too much time the shortcut is

  • Esc ( The shortcut is nothing other than the escape button itself, the loading of the page can be stopped by just pressing the escape key )

We always have to do something with the url ( for exam send to the link as a message to your friend or change it a bit to go to another page ) so we need to go to the address bar in the browser. This can be done by

  •  F6  ( by just pressing the f6 functional key your cursor selects the whole address bar )
  • Ctrl + L   ( this is the alternative shortcut of the f6)

And one more habit we have while browsing is that we go to the previous webpage very often this is the same with the going to the next page after going back, for this purpose we use the little arrows at the top beside the address bar, but this can be done by using a small shortcut

  • Alt + (
  • Alt + ( ——–> right arrow )    by pressing these two buttons at a time we can go to the next page

In the case of professionals who need to find the exact word this shortcut may come into handy

  • Ctrl + F ( this is same as the find option).

The main objective of the shortcuts is to save time from moving the hands from the key board and grab the mouse.

Once you get used to the shortcuts you can go ahead to the settings and create you own shortcuts and use them ahead.

Some of the other shortcuts which i have known are mentioned below in case if you feel that the above shortcuts does not satisfy your needs.

  • Alt + D     bookmark the current page
  • Alt + H    show history for chrome
  • Ctrl + Alt + H    history for Firefox.
  • Alt + J     show the downloads  (only for chrome)
  • Ctrl + Shift + Y           downloads in case of Firefox.

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